How to migrate funds to the Harmony Network
Instructions for setting up your MetaMask wallet, using Harmony's Trustless Bridge and the Synapse Protocol for cross-chain bridging of tokens.

How to set up your MetaMask wallet

As users prepare to engage with Hermes’ Dex, they will need to connect their metamask with Harmony’s network. If you have not downloaded MetaMask at this time, you can locate it on the MetaMask website. Once the application is installed within your browser, you will need to input the Harmony network information and ensure that you enter the Shard-0 Chain ID.
Step 1: After installing the browser addon and you have set up your wallet, you will see the below image after clicking on the icon in the top right corner of your screen.
Step 2: Enter the following data in the corresponding areas within the “Add Network” section.
Once done, you will now have your Metamask connected to the Harmony mainnet and are now able to connect the Hermes’ DEX. For users who need to migrate funds to Harmony, follow the steps below to move your funds from other chains, you can do so following the guides below via Harmony’s Trustless bridge or Synapse Protocol.
To locate the network information for the following networks, please follow the embedded link below. (Please note Metamask is defaultly set to ETH)

Bridging assets cross-chain to Harmony

Users will find Harmony’s trustless bridge that connects them to Ethereum and BSC at First, we will identify which network that we will be bridging from. In this case, we will use BSC and bridge over BUSD. In this case, we have added the BSC network information to our Metamask wallet and it is shown in the top right corner of our screen.
We will be connecting our Metamask account to both Binance and Harmony for this process, which is shown by the icon designation shown below.
Following this designation, we will enter the amount of BUSD that we wish to bridge over followed by selecting our ONE address which can be completed by pushing the “use my address” option beneath it. Once you have pressed continue, you will see a summary page that shows the BNB address, the ONE address, the amount of BUSD to be bridged and the Network fees.
Once you press confirm, you will be prompted to sign multiple transactions confirming the bridge process from BSC to Harmony. If it was a successful bridge, you will see the following image:
Now you can head over to Hermes’ DEX and start swapping your BUSD token for the HRMS token, the IRIS governance token and any other token hosted on our DEX.

Using the Synapse Protocol for AVAX, FTM or Polygon and bridging to Harmony

Users can utilize the Synapse Bridge to bring tokens such as USDC or USDT from connected chains to Harmony. Upon your first time visiting the Synapse protocol, you will be prompted to connect your Metamask wallet.
You will see the following menu pop up, requesting you to select which wallet you wish to connect for completing this bridging process. We will be selecting MetaMask to continue this process.
Next we will designate which account within our Metamask wallet that will be directly connected to the synapse protocol.
In your case, you may have one account or multiple accounts depending on if you have a hardware device connected to your MetaMask. For users who wish to learn more about hardware wallets; we recommend the Ledger Hardware wallet. You can also read more about wallet types and security on our Hermes DeFi Wiki.
Now that we have access to the bridge, we select our network to transfer funds from. In this case, we will use the USDC token to bridge the stablecoin over from FTM to Harmony. Notice the fee of 1 USDC for the transaction fee on Harmony and 0.00% slippage for this bridging. The bridging process can also take a few minutes so please be mindful.
Once you select bridge token, you will see the MetaMask prompt for confirming the transaction.
Press confirm and you will now see the bridge watcher window pop up below your bridge transaction screen. The bridge watcher will show you that your “credit” is waiting to be completed on Harmony and will update once done.
Once this process is successful you will see your liquidity available down below within the bridge watcher section that now shows the 6.99 USDC. You can now take your USDC and exchange it on the Hermes DEX for tokens of your choosing.
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