Farming Emissions Schedule
The Hermes Protocol will distribute new tokens over 2.5 years.
Sixty percent of HERMES (HRMS) will be released over 2.5 years following an optimized emissions schedule. This schedule has been designed to balance APR, circulating HRMS, and the launch of new products built on The Hermes Protocol. There are NO reward lockup mechanisms from Hermes pools/farms/vaults.
Hermes emitted per month
Higher emissions within the first 3 months of farming will allow us to attract significant liquidity to our platform via high APRs. After this, emissions begin to slow. Every quarter, one month will have a slightly higher emissions than expected in order to provide a small boost for newly released products.
HRMS emission table
26% (7.8M HRMS) will be minted upon launch HERMES Token Distribution, but the majority of this HRMS will not become circulating at this time.
The allocation of farming rewards in proportion to total HERMES minted.
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